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Does Over The Counter Worm Medicine Work For Dogs

No matter if you own a large-breed dog, a small-breed dog, a puppy, or maybe you are looking for one OVERALL best de-wormer, we got you covered. Scroll down to discover the best de-wormers for dogs of different categories.. Pyrantel pamoate does not absorb well into the dog’s bloodstream. It only works within the digestive tract and the worms it comes in contact with there. It does not last very long and passes...

It is not safe for consumption by children and humans. SENTRY HC WormX is meant to be only for animals. This best over the counter dewormer for dogs is available without a prescription. It is made especially for small dogs and puppies that weigh 6 to 25 pounds. Active ingredients in the tablets are 30 mg of pyrantel pamoate and 30 mg of praziquantel.


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